Members Of Congress Have Really Good Healthcare, But Not “Free Healthcare.”

Political Myth: Members of Congress, unlike the rest of us, get free healthcare.

Reality: They have a good healthcare plan, but they pay for it.


For an annual fee of $503, members of Congress can recieve primary healthcare from the Office of the Attending Physician in the U.S. Congress.  If necessary, they can be referred to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center(a.k.a. the Bathesda Naval Hospital), and the stay will also be covered by that same $503 fee.  The $503 fee, however, only allows members of Congress to be treated in those two places. If they want to be treated elsewhere, of if they want the spouses or children to be treated (the OAP will treat only the Member himself), then have to sign up for one of the “cafeteria” health insurance plans offered all other federal employees.  Of course, since “federal employees” is a much larger group than the employees of the typical private company, they pay a slightly lower rate for their coverage.


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